Your Home Has Plans For 2018 Too...

2018 is here and it is the usual time for fresh starts and Resolutions. Resolutions don’t always have to be about losing weight, giving up cigarettes or hitting the gym every day. How about making some resolutions for your biggest asset? A home is probably the largest purchase any of us will ever make, so why not have your resolutions include improving and maintaining it? Here are a few suggestions for some maintenance resolutions to keep the value of your home up:

  • Having your HVAC system serviced annually will often expose minor problems which can then be corrected before they become major and expensive.

  • Don’t let wasted energy rob you blind. Carefully go through each room of your home and unplug those energy hogs when even turned off, are still sucking down kilowatts. For example, now with all the streaming services available do you really need to keep that 10-year-old DVD player plugged in? The same goes for home printers, small kitchen appliances and microwave ovens.

  • Spend some time over the next few weeks doing a major home cleaning purge. Nothing will make you feel better and also make it easier to keep your home clean, neat and organized than donating or recycling unread magazines, worn out clothes and linens, toys the kids have outgrown and all that other useless junk you no longer want or need. Starting the year off with a clean, clutter-free home is good motivation to keep it that way!

  • Check exterior windows for broken panes, torn screens and leaky seals. Do the same for exterior doors. Add weather stripping, replace cracked glass and call a window expert if seals have been compromised and the glass is permanently fogged.

  • There always seems to be that one big home improvement project we never have enough money for. Resolve in the upcoming year to structure your finances so that dream can become a reality.become a reality.

Have Rental properties? Here are some great ways to start the year off right managing these as well:

  • Conduct an annual property review, or Inspection, to check the status of all the major systems in your homes and get a general idea of how your tenants are taking care of them.

  • Schedule to change all of the homes filters every 6 months. This can be a great thing to combine with your annual inspections OR you can use services such as FilterEasy to send the filters directly to the tenant to change themselves without any additional work on your part.Put all of your properties on a preventative maintenance schedule, make sure the filters are checked and changed at least

  • Smoke Detectors should also be examined and changed throughout the year. There is no better way to start the year off right than setting up a Smoke detector log and monitoring the life cycle of your smoke detectors with ease.

  • Siding, soffit, roof and fascia repairs are a key way to help keep the curb appeal on your homes. Don't wait until the time you try to sell the asset to take care of all the necessary repairs after the home inspection, take care of them periodically and it will help you in the long run!

Need some assistance in keeping your 2018 home resolutions? We here at Elite Home Specialists are always willing to lend a hand.We can handle all maintenance requests, and have certified inspectors to help you with your preventative maintenance. Please connect with us today online or call 678.670.9104 and we will help you with whatever you need.

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